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Our premier  collection will feature spiced infused Marmalade made especially to compliment our  quick breads and truffle  cakes. This collection will make a perfect gift for those special family,friends and business associates. Included in the custom designed box are coordinated gift bags, filling and blank note cards for your personal greetings

We will begin shipping the new collections on FEBRUARY 5th and would like to share our excitement by offering  FREE SHIPPING  on all boxes to the continental United states



The food of the Atlantic Rim could be called  the culinary soul of the New World Cuisine. A fusion of basic grains fruits and protein  and cooking techniques of Western and Central Africa together with the food stuffs of the Americas and the culinary traditions of various colonizing European  countries form the basis of the African-American Fusion  palette .

African cooking on the continent and in the new world can be summed up in one sentence, same boat different stops. This will further be  defined when we visit the regions of the continent as well as  Gullah, Creole, Caribbean and South American cultures.

No one symbolizes the wellspring of the heritage ,customs and ceremonies then  the African- American Mother. Their stories are legend The statement It's good but not as good as Mama's rings loud and clear. Our mission is to reach out to these Mothers for inspiration, to participate  in lively  discussions and hopefully to learn the secrets of our heritage through food.




Many of the early  Black cooks on the Continent as well as in the  New World could  neither read or write, therefore they could not learn from books.They were simply inspired by the Gods of the spit and  sauce pan as if they breathed these skills  into them. That was enough.We all have stories of our family members who arrived to the great cities with their own approach in the preparation of traditional African influenced foods. What we aspire to do is to view this notion from a perspective of the urban African American and how we can best  create our taste profiles that will  be the foundation of our product line. 



 We  start from an understanding that African diets were in fact predominantly  vegetarian centered around rice,peas grains, vegetables fruit,nuts and spices to name a few.Each of the regions of the African diaspora would interpret  the preparation and cooking of meals based primarily regional techniques and access of food stuffs What we see is that  Arline lewis +gourmet sweets has  an enormous  opportunity to re-think the use of these traditional ingredients in our application  of natural fruits,grains and spices in our products.



It can be said the the ingredients that most tie is together as Afropolitions are rice and beans.One only need to look at the overall history  of the great northern migration  to  understand how important these food stuffs were. Brought to the various regions of the African Diaspora by the travelers, they were interpreted to reflect the local lifestyle . 

Arline lewis+ gourmet sweets has assembled collections  that will feature it's spice infused spreads,granola,fillings fruit breads and cakes. Along with the food stuffs, we will  interpret  recipes in our own way to reflect the tastes and styles of these great cities. and we will offer a unique gift sharing concept that allow our clients to share with family and friends the bounty of our gift box collections.